From 1903 to 1910 it led to the first beach office and the first hotels.

From 1903 to 1910 it led to the first beach office and the first hotels. In the 30's followed by a decisive statement of the resort as a holiday place and was born the first company to stay, there were 60,000 tourists. In the early 50s it became a holiday resort of the upper class. Then followed the years of economic boom and mass bathing, going so from 25,000 beds to 75,000 and till 6,000,000 tourists. In the 60's was the destination of famous people like: Alberto Sordi, Ernest Hemingway, Alberto Kekler, Marcello d'Olivo and many others.

the Consortium

“Spiaggiaviva heart of Lignano” it was formed in 1999 and operational since 2001.

The consortium includes thirteen of beach concessionaires of Lignano Sabbiadoro Pineta and Riviera for a total of 35 beach offices. The consortium is a founding member of the company's area of Lignano - Lignano Sabbiadoro Gestioni SpA and actively participates in the activities and initiatives of this new and important subject. The basic tourist resources of a seaside place are the sea and the beach, so it is easy to understand the importance of the consortium and of the individual companies participating in the "company Lignano city context."

our numbers

  • beach offices
  • umbrellas
  • collaborators
  • years of experience

Blue flag

FROM 27 YEARS the beach of Lignano establish itself:
CLEAN thanks to the ongoing work of the seaside dealers and beach offices too, in the maintenance and cleanliness of the beach, in winter too.
ENVIRONMENTALLY thanks to recycling and continuous awareness also open to the guests.
SAFE FOR ALL thanks to the security plan to the sea and to the first aid on the sea and on the beach too, the result of a synergistic action between all beach offices.



"Mille giorni di sole" è un concorso a premi promosso dal Consorzio Spiaggiaviva - Cuore di Lignano. Per partecipare al concorso devi visitare il Presepe di Sabbia di Lignano Sabbiadoro. Segui il link qui sotto e inserisci i dati richiesti.

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